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Rob Watts PGA Golf Coach, & coach to Open champion Darren Clark

“This Thorough and extremely valuable system has helped me to develop and understand how my clients like to learn and improve results. I strongly recommend PDS to anyone who wants to develop as a coach and maximise the performance of the teams and athletes they work with.”


On Site support is the most interactive & impactful option, as it is delivered at your location face to face. These packages can also be delivered anywhere in the World.


The benefit of On Site support is that I have an opportunity to see & hear so much more, interact with more people & provide an adaptive interaction that is relevant to your needs, your sport & your present situation using the same coaching & mentoring principles I share.


There are 3 On Site options:-

·       Key Note Speaking – Presenting to your management, team, organisation or at a conference

·       Training Courses – Pre designed training courses delivered at your location


·       Live Consulting – Bespoke support intervention at your location. The highest level of support I offer


All of these options can be adjusted to suit your needs & can be integrated with the Online Support. I am happy to discuss options with you over the phone or conference call.

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