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Far more than an online course!

Through much demand I have put together an online resource sharing my PDS need centred coaching & mentoring principles

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World Leading 'Need Centred' Resource!

Only £240 or £22 per month (For 12 Months)


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Struggling to get the best out of the people you are coaching?


Learn the coaching craft used by many of the worlds best coaches - The 'Need Centred' coaching approach!

This online members area will provide you with the self-awareness, coaching principles & strategies to help get the best out of yourself, your team & the people you teach, coach, mentor & manage.

It also provides robust strategies to initiate & importantly, embed the required changes to build a sustainable inclusive needs centred culture.

What’s Included In The Members Area?

 📽️30 recorded examples & growing

 🎞️30 plus hours of recorded tutorials

 🎙️40 plus podcasts & growing

 🗓️ Updates every month - exclusive interviews, members Q&As, short tutorials

 👩🏻‍💻Share your own reflections & comments across all the content

 🤝Opportunity to connect with other members to build your own support & challenge network

The PDS Need Centred Coaching Excellence will enhance your coaching while keeping your authenticity. 

Building from my successful one day masterclass, I cover over 15 times more content here, with additional examples of the PDS principles in action & regular updates.

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Far More Than Just a Course; This is a 24/7 Resource!

‘The greatest athlete development is coach development’

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Breaking down all the needs centred tools, explaining how they work & how to integrate them to increase engagement, learning, decision making & interdependence

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The questions at the end of each chapter help you reflect & set your own focus actions, as well as providing feedback that 

30 real world recorded examples of the principles in action. This will continue to grow!

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Screenshot (1508).png

Over 40 podcasts sharing examples & experiences using the needs centred coaching approach across Business, sports & education

Monthly updates including recorded Q&As, Coach interviews & shorter  'how to' tutorials

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Six Tutorial Chapters, Guiding You Through How to e Successful

Many More Chapters Providing a Huge Range
of Resources & Support

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Clients Feedback

Written Testimonials

Here you can read some feedback from Players, Directors of Sport, Coaches & Academics

Even though the range of organisations & sports are diverse, the principles are the same

Filmed Success Stories

Here are a few diverse examples of teams & organisations using the PDS Needs Centred Coaching principles

​These filmed conversations from both coaches & players, give a real insight in the impact PDS coaching has provided, as athletes, coaches & people

Filmed Testimonials

Here are a host of filmed feedback from coaches & managers from a range of disciplines

I always ask for raw feedback, & the principles used are the same I share in the members area

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'The greatest athlete development is coach development'

Past & Present Clients

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