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My sports packages are ideal for any sport at any level. I have experience with over 30 sports from 6 years old through to international & professional senior teams, I have supporting schools, colleges, universities, national governing bodies, professional & international teams as well as individual coaches.


Online Coaching Excellence Course Members Area is Now Live! 

Online Support

The benefit of online support is that it is a more cost effective & logistically easier way to receive support in integrating my principles within your own coaching environments. All packages are adjusted to suit your needs & your present situation.

On Site Support

On Site support is the most interactive & impactful option, as it is delivered at your location face to face. These packages can also be delivered anywhere in the World.

Online Coach Mentoring

Online Coach Mentoring is designed for coaches that are looking for ongoing development from anywhere in the world.  It is based around sharing filmed practice sessions or/and matches with self review notes.

Live Consulting

Live Consulting is very flexible and always designed around your individual needs; for a team, organisation, University or coach/manager.

Online Team Training

These support packages are suitable for all levels from grassroots to fully professional teams.  The online training & support package is designed for teams at all levels who want to integrate the PDS principles within their own coaching

Training Courses

Our coaching courses are aimed at already qualified coaches and physical trainers who are looking to increase their understanding, learning, performance and motivation of the individuals and teams they are working with.



The packages below provide a variety of options for both online & live support at your location. I can also provide bespoke packages that I can build around your present situation which can combine the online & live support. These packages have been evolved over decades of real world experience -

  • Online team support - providing a robust strategy to embed the required change within a whole team

  • Online coach support - bespoke coach development that combines video reviews with zoom calls

  • Live consulting - bespoke packages that combine, training, mentoring & real world support during practices & matches 

  • Live coaching courses - Delivering a coaching fundamentals course for a group of coaches at your location

I also have also developed an online coaching fundamentals course that can be included within the above packages or experienced on its own - Find out more

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