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Below are some podcasts & filmed 'Key Note' deliveries plus some recordings of PDS in action.

These will give you a taster of the impact & the robust, common sense approach PDS brings to any delivery or intervention.


For many more examples, with over 100 hours of resources, plus monthly updates sharing how to get the best out of  yourself & everyone you coach, manage, mentor - check out the Need Centred Coaching Excellence  Members Area - 

Recorded deliveries with some examples of PDS in action

Below are a selection of key note speaking deliveries & some examples of PDS in action. This includes -

  • Presenting different elements of the PDS coaching approach

  • GB basketball coach sharing team examples in early early stages of development

  • A United States player sharing the impact a PDS environment has made to him as a person, player & team mate 

  • Me sharing an introduction to the rule of 3 to the Cleveland community while working with Cleveland Indians

PDS in Schools

Here is myself & Alan Keane discussing a PDS intervention within a secondary school in London. The conversations were recorded during the intervention. We discuss the changes within the teachers, the challenges & the reason the PDS needs centred approach has huge benefits to both teachers & students.

PDS needs centred principles being lived within the players

Below are some recorded examples of the PDS needs centred principles alive & kicking within the players & coaches. These recordings are not rehearsed; they are clips taken from real recordings of coaching sessions. 


These behaviours & skills have been developed at evo soccer & evo rugby during one of my team interventions which include training days, 'whats app' & coach mentoring support over 6 months. This ensures the new learning is embedded within the culture. More information on my support packages here 


A Great Overview Snapshot

I make a return to the Talent Equation Conclave with Stuart Armstrong to explore some of the latest innovations in my Performance Development System (PDS) approach and to take some questions from the members of the group. In this conversation I share -

1 - Some evolutions to the famous 'rule of 3' called the '3 A's'.
2 - How to enable athletes to learn to review rapidly in the moment.
3 - 12 (I think it was 12) of the many types of live review within PDS
4 - Why coaches should train for team and individual interaction.

This is a full on, high octane ride through the world of PDS. Buckle Up!!

Listen now


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For Business & Sport

In this podcast I discuss with David Charlton from Sports Excellence the differences in commitment levels between leisure and performance athletes. How coaches can get the best out of their athletes, and parents can best support talented children.

Key discussion point -

1 - How to understand how to manage leisure & performance athletes/players of all ages

2 - How to influence the influencers in order to support a new culture

3 - Why you need to spend time to improve decision making & self-evaluation

4 - How to begin to improve your own influencing/coaching/parenting/managing

5 - Why you really can’t say that a training course or session is effective on the day; why success must be measured well after that time

Listen now

What Is Need Centred Coaching?

In this interview Lason Perkins from Basketball Embassy's virtual coach’s clinic interviews the creator of Performance Development Systems (PDS) Mark Bennett MBE & Great Britain basketball coach Alan Keane about all things 'Needs Centred' coaching. In this interview they share - What is Needs Centred Coaching Developing self-thinking players Why is effective coach mentoring support critical for athlete development Why this approach is not ‘softy softy’ & sits well in both grass roots and performance environments The How to of shifting both coach & athlete behaviours AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

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