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Paul Sneyd – Senior Management  

"Having completed several leadership courses before in my career, I wondered what benefit I was actually going to gain from the PDS coaching. I can honestly say it was totally refreshing and motivational not only in terms of content but more importantly how Mark delivered the sessions. We have been following the PDS process for well over 6 months now and the transformation within in the team has been unbelievable not only from an individual perspective but also the way we act as a team and support one another. The guiding principles have become engrained in my everyday life enabling me to be far more effective as a person both at work and in my personal life.”


Online support is a great way of receiving quality training & mentoring  from anywhere in the World.

The benefit of online support is that it is a more cost effective & logistically easier way to receive support in integrating my principles within your own coaching environments. All packages are adjusted to suit your needs & your present situation.

About Online Support

There are 2 Online options:-

·       Online Management Mentoring– Ideal for a single coach that wants a bespoke support package

·       Online Team Training – Designed to support the development of a management team     


Both of these options can be adjusted to suit your needs & can be integrated with the Live Support. I am happy to discuss options with you over the phone or conference call

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