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I offer a range of keynote speaking services from 2 hour deliveries to interactive performance days.  I have delivered to a wide range of organisations including NBA basketball team Oklahoma Thunder, Cleveland Indians Baseball, numerous Premiership rugby teams, the University of Washington, English Golf, Performance Directors & performance managers to a wide range of sports, plus the British Military and schools.


My deliveries are based on sharing my own experiences and providing context to a diverse range of applications including business management, performance


organisational strategies to managers & coaches, plus talks to athletes and schools.

My most requested deliveries are:

  • Developing a performance environment

  • Establishing an effective change with an organisation

  • World class performance coaching

  • The differences between “leisure” & “performance” coaching & athletes

  • How can PDS have a positive impact on organisations, coaches & athletes

  • Why excellence is not a level of performance; why it is based on behaviour

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