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Engaging, interactive, adaptive, challenging, inspirational, thought provoking!

Some of the most popular words shared in feedback from my Keynote deliveries.


My deliveries are based on real world experiences, sharing the truth around culture, performance environments & performance behaviours. 

If you're looking for the generic motivational talks, then look elsewhere. If you're looking for an experience that will facilitate reflection, challenge many traditional ideas of what leadership, cultures, & performance is, providing a platform for change with some real world strategies & solutions; then get in touch!

"Our coaches responded really well to Mark’s motivational and no nonsense approach.


His sessions have armed them with practical methods and techniques that can be directly applied in their coaching environment to improve both their own performance and that of their athletes."

Leonie Lightfoot

England Athletics 

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I offer a range of keynote speaking services from 2 hour deliveries to interactive performance days.  


I have delivered to a wide range of organisations including -


  • NBA Basketball 

  • Major League Baseball

  • Premiership Rugby

  • Universities in USA & UK

  • Private & Public Schools 

  • PGA golf

  • Ministry of Defence

  • Global Corporations

  • Snowsport England

  • National Soccer Governing Bodies

My deliveries are based on sharing my own experiences and providing context to a diverse range of applications including business management, performance


organisational strategies to managers & coaches, plus talks to athletes and schools.

My most requested deliveries are:

  • Developing a performance environment

  • Establishing an effective change with an organisation

  • World class performance coaching

  • The differences between “leisure” & “performance” coaching & athletes

  • Building & maintaining cultures that align to wellness & performance

  • Why excellence is not a level of performance; why it is based on behaviour

Martin Vlk

Head of Coach Education & Methodology

Football Association of the Czech Republic

"Mark Bennett delivered a 2-day Keynote at our National coaching conference in Prague.


I really valued Marks level of professionalism & cooperation in the preparation phase, the delivery & even the reviewing; spending time with me after the event.

His level of knowledge in the areas shared is unprecedented, & his ability to transfer the knowledge, adapting the delivery to the needs of the coaches attending was exceptional.

Marks interactive style engaged everyone, & his experience working in sports & business allowed him to share real-world stories in numerous contextual situations."

Ryan Grewcock
Education & Coaching Lead
Snowsport England

“I approached Mark to be the Keynote Speaker at the UK Snowsport Coaching Conference after hearing him speak on a number of podcasts. His approach to being Need Centred resonated with me and the philosophy of our coaching scheme.


Leading up to the Conference, Mark asked what our desired outcomes were so he could tailor it, which wasn’t easy as we had a very broad audience over the weekend.


However Mark’s presentation was engaging and challenging enough for all present to get involved. Marks own experience and stories helped bring the learning to life and shows an empathy to the roles that coaches do.

I would whole heartedly recommend getting Mark to come and speak to your coaches and leadership teams as he is a great speaker but also PDS can be a catalyst for change.”

Dr Oliver Holt

"Mark delivered an energetic, challenging and thought provoking session for coaching leads from across governing bodies of sport.


We received extremely positive feedback about the Performance Development Systems (PDS), and Mark’s stories of his own learning along his coaching journey.


Mark Bennett’s talk was very inspiring, providing a way of thinking that my Governing Body may need to adopt at certain levels of the performance pathway”.

Mark Bennett is a high quality speaker and really emphasises the key characteristics of High Performance coaching”. There’s no doubt that PDS can help organisations to develop their coaching programmes." 

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