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Mark's business packages are ideal for any business at any level. What is unique about my support packages is that they have been developed over 3 decades working with a diverse range of individuals & teams from the military, business, education & sport. There are very few people who have developed their craft through hands on research & development in such diverse situations, environments & cultures that actually impact organisational change.



Mark Tweddle – CEO 

“We introduced Mark Bennetts PDS training & mentoring to the business on a global scale which has been in action for the last 6 months. It has fundamentally changed the performance of the business; in wellness, productivity & in performance.”

“The whole PDS system has made a huge impact on people individually, but as a collective group it has been able to move the business forward; clear any hurdles that we had historically & find a way to actually review what we are doing; helping us become the best that we can be every single day.”

“We can’t thank Mark enough; we know anyone that embraces Marks principles & support will have a profound benefit on their lives.”



My focus through this journey of pursuing excellence has always been to develop real world interventions & tools that can be used to positively impact people at 'self' & with others.

Over the years there seems to be certain phrases & words that become in vogue, with many businesses, managers & consultants start using/promoting without truly understanding what they actually looks like & how it can embedded within the individuals & teams they work in/with.

The commonality that impacts performance in all organisations & teams; from British special forces to sports teams & businesses is people. If you don't understand how to  maximise the potential of those people; to have the confidence & competencies to adapt your style to positively influence the diverse nature of human beings, you may end up always struggling to develop the type of everyday environment & culture you know will not only retain staff, but will maximise their wellness, productivity & performance.

My PDS principles & interventions focus on two key elements:-

  • Provide individuals & teams with the skills & tools they need to maximize the wellness, productivity & performance of themselves & others

  • Robust adherence strategies that support individuals & teams to embed the behaviours required to facilitate the desired environments & cultures

Embedding the desired change is the common missing link in training & coaching interventions. This is no doubt the toughest element & one that many consultants do not take responsibility for.

All my packages are bespoke & will be adapted throughout all interventions based on the needs of each individual.  This is to ensure we are not 'ticking boxes' sharing content. I use the principle of 'we are where we are & we are ready when we are ready'.

The key to successful interventions is using effective adherence strategies to support & embed change while organisations are still pursuing their daily work challenges.

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