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Here is some recorded feedback from some of my clients who have experienced my coaching & mentoring online & live

Corporate Intervention

Paul  Sneyd, one of the managers from a a full PDS interventions for a global business talks about his  the impact PDS coaching had on himself as a person & the organisation

Director of Judgement Index UK shares experience working with Mark over the last 20 years

Evo Soccer Evo Rugby Director Dean Mabson sharing his experience of a PDS intervnetion

National Canoe coach Neil Buckley speaking about his experience with PDS live support

National Hockey coach Graham Moodie sharing his experiences with PDS public speaking and live support

Director of coaching Alan Lydiate  of Maryland youth Soccer  in USA sharing his experience of  the PDS online support

Golf integrated Director Neil Connolly sharing his experiences with PDS training courses, public speaking and live support

National Golf coach Neil Mathews sharing his experience with PDS live support

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