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Below are some older podcasts that I have been a guest on, discussing some of the PDS principles in more detail.

I hope these discussions are useful. They will give you a taste of what I cover in all my training courses, online & live support, which can be delivered anywhere in the World. If you are interested in any of these services, please get in touch. To book onto any of the next planned courses CONTACT ME

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Power Up Your Coaching & Get Players To Think For Themselves


Rugby coaches weekly podcast -  I discuss how I support  coaches to help players to think for themselves. 

In this podcast, we explore -

  • What is meant by a coachable player

  • How to make players think for themselves

  • What tools to use, with players and with coaches

  • The rule of three – how it is for you, not for them

  • How to work with mixed ability groups

  • Creating Ninjas in your coaching world


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Getting the Very Best out of Yourself and Your Players

The Sports Psych Show podcast - PDS was designed for coaches, managers and teachers to better understand themselves and learn how to influence and get the best out of the people around them. We speak in detail about PDS and look at examples of Mark implementing it in different sporting


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Supporting  Change & Better Influencers

The Basketball Podcast: EP71 - In this episode, we discuss what athlete/person centred actually looks like

In this episode Mark debunks many of the interpretations of athlete/person centred way of coaching. He shares why you cant choose sides, why true athlete/person centred is far tougher on athletes & why traditional coaching is a vital part of the full spectrum. 

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BBALL Breakdown podcast.jpg

BBALL Breakdown Podcast - The Problem With Tom Izzo's Coaching Style

I was asked to come on BBALL Breakdown to talk about the Coach Izzo incident during a game. It is well worth watching the footage of the incident before listening to the podcast. Here is a link to the incident –

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Here Is The Podcast

After Coach Nick's tweet about Tom Izzo losing his cool on freshman Aaron Henry during the NCAA Tournament this year went viral, he produced a mini documentary on the incident and brought in a number of experts in the field to discuss. Mark Bennett was one of them -

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Here is a series of 30 minutes podcasts recorded in 2019 with JP Nerbun on the Coaching Culture Podcast

#73 Coaching Your Way Out of a Job

Mark begs a very important questions, "How aware are the coaches of what they're doing and what they're not?" and "What support mechanisms are in place to raise awareness to a coach of what they're doing and then support them in that change?"

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#75 Performance is a Behaviour Not an Outcome 

The sequence to effective outcomes in behaviour first, then performance, then outcome.

As a team, it’s important to come up with non-negotiables.

What are the one of two things that if done well, would maximise your performance?

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#76 The PDS Rule of 3 


A tool to drive behavioural change for both coaches & athletes. How this tool provides clarity, permissions & structure to developing self thinking & self managing teams

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My first guest podcast was on the Talent Equation with Stuart Armstrong. Stuart had been asking me to do one for a while, as we always had great discussions on many subjects, so we simply recorded one of those 'chats'. Then we did some more –

A conversation with my mentor - Mark Bennett MBE 

In this discussion we cover: 
- How to decide whether you are on a journey of performance and self-improvement or on a journey of self-delusion
- How Mark tries to make himself redundant by ensuring that coaches and athletes make good behaviour choices whether he is there or not
- Using 'covert tests' to help you ensure that learning has taken place
- Why most coaches need to take 70% of the content out of their session plans
- How to ensure that athletes make a commitment to the goals that they establish for themselves

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“Doing the best you can with what you have in the present”

In this episode we discuss how you define excellence with athletes and the process of reviewing to maximise influence with players. We get into a lot of detail on this one and get deep exploring this very important aspect of performance coaching. 

In the episode we cover...
- Maximising the impact of our time with players 
- How to make ourselves redundant by enabling the players to lead themselves 
- Using 'The rule of 3' to transition players to full ownership of their learning environment 
- Establishing unacceptable, acceptable and exceptional behaviours and actions as a guide for creating a performance culture 
- A framework to guide players self-review process

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"Some coaches have made a living by creating great looking training that doesn't transfer to the match"

In this podcast we cover A LOT of ground reflecting on the challenges of adopting a truly athlete centred approach to coaching. Topics of discussion include: 
- Why most coaches look at the wrong things in training. 
- Why saying nothing is not athlete centred
- Why reflection doesn't work (very well most of the time)
- How to identify the areas to work on that are going to bring the biggest return on investment 
- How coaches are using questioning in a way that is no better than telling
- Using the 'Rule of 3' to develop a positive culture in sessions


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"You can't just evaluate coaching effectiveness based on results"

This is a bit of a bonus episode where Mark and I sat down for a cup of coffee and I decided to hit record to see where the conversation took us. We really got in deep as to how we as coaches can measure our effectiveness and also how someone developing a coach should look to guide their development. 

We are in a cafe so there is quite a bit of background noise but I think you will agree that it is worth persevering!!

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changing the game_edited.png

This is a series of podcasts as a guest with John O’Sullivan from Changing the Game Project.

Honoured to be the first returning guest on his show.

#31 Mark Bennett, Founder of Performance Development Systems, How Coaches Can Shape Behaviour, Influence Training Habits, and Build Accountable Teams

What can sport coaches learn from a former British Commando? A better way to deliver content, ensure learning has occurred, and empower players to own their learning process. In this episode, Mark explains how coaches can more effectively shape behaviours, which will lead to better learning outcomes.


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#76 Mark Bennett Returns! The Founder of PDS Coaching on Using the Rule of 3 for Coaching Excellence and Ways to Make Your Athletes More Accountable

This is a first for WOC! Coaching Expert Mark Bennett returns to expound on his Rule of 3 and teach us how to develop independent, self-aware, and accountable athletes at all levels of the game. Queue this one up and listen on your way to work today!

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#81 Lessons from Kris Van Der Haegen, Mark Upton, and Mark Bennett that have made me a Better Coach

Sports are as much a learning journey as for us as it is for the athletes we coach. We MUST be willing to learn from those around us and evolve for the sake of those we lead. In this episode, John shares the three greatest lessons he has learned over the last 80 shows.

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#92 A Fireside Chat on the Future of Coaching with Mark Bennett, Stuart Armstrong, Juan Gonzales Mendia, and John O’Sullivan

Become a fly on the wall and listen in as the experts behind the Future Coaching Conference plan out the sessions, discuss what it means to be a great coach, differentiate between resilience, grit, and mental toughness, and much more. Stuart Armstrong hosts from his car while driving the M6, and John, Mark, and Juan join him for an informal yet meaningful chat.

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rugby coaches corner.jpg

The Rugby Coach's Corner Podcast # 51 - Impacting Coach & Athlete

Behaviours to Maximise Performance

Mark believes in a practitioner-based approach to maximise real-world performance and PDS has worked with England Rugby, Bath Rugby, Warrington Wolves RL, NBA teams, the British Military, along with a host of schools, universities and businesses.

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just kicking it podcast.jpg

Modern Soccer Podcast - Mark Bennett and Ian Barker: Maximising Your Week As a Coach

Gary is joined by Ian Barker and Mark Bennett. Ian is no stranger to US listeners as Director of Coaching Education for United Soccer Coaches. Mark has trained, coached and mentored individuals at a number of levels, including English Golf, England Rugby, Great Britain Basketball, British Military Special Forces, Oklahoma Thunder in the NBA and many elite individuals.


They talk about maximizing your week as a coach and take an in-depth look at process of planning, culture, self-awareness, environments, and ways you can improve both yourself and your players -

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